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Pipe material types
The supported pipe material types are:
This must be set in the pipe series in the MagiCAD Project, otherwise will the application show a warning upon selecting the pipes.
If the Material code is missing or wrong then the plugin will show a warning upon selecting the pipes:
Inserting the unit
When selecting "Insert Unit" the application asks you to show the thickness of the wall or the floor.
Tip: UCS or Side View can be used when selecting items in the drawing.
Start by clicking measurement start point of the wall or floor:
Then select the end of the wall or the floor:
Then you select the pipes you want to be included in the penetration unit:
Selecting pipes from an Xref-drawing
You can also select the pipes from an Xref-drawing. In this case you select the Xref after having selected the boundaries for the wall or for the floor:
The Xref can be selected from the pop-up menu by clicking right button of the mouse or typing “x” from keyboard or clicking [Xref] from the command line.
Then you select some element of the Xref
Then function "pulls" the Xref into edit mode where you can then select the pipes.
Please note that AutoCAD's functionality for editing the Xref-drawing will also be shown, as the function which "pulls" the drawing into edit mode works in the same way as AutoCAD's REFEDIT behind the scenes, but these functionalities are not related to the Sewatek MagiCAD Selection Tool:
 Insert Unit


Here you see what series the unit belongs to and also a list where you can choose between possible options.


Distance c-c
The distance between the pipes, center to center
The wall or floor thickness
Pipe sizes and materials are visible in Size and Material section.


Here you can insert additional comments. The comments will be available in the object's Note-field in MagiCAD.


Here you can view more detailed information about the selected unit type:


5. Insert
Approve the selection and insert it into the drawing.