Menu Warnings

Actions to correct
Invalid wall selection
This comes if the user has not selected two points and cancels the selection in the middle of the command.
Select two points designating where you want to mark the wall's boundaries for the penetration unit.
Pipe material is not supported
Supported pipe materials are Cu, Fe, FeZn, Comp and PEX
Check that this information is correctly set in the "Code"-field in the pipe series in the project.
Invalid pipe selectoon
Only pipes are supported
Select pipes instead and not other objects.
Pipes should be evenly spaced
Issue arising when there are 3 or more pipes and they are not evenly spaced
When there are 3 or more pipes the space between them must be the same.
Invalid distance between pipes. Possible distances are 70, 100, 120 and 160 mm
This is a message for the level/horizontal pipes
Invalid distance between pipes. Possible distances are 70 – 105 mm, 5 mm interval and 110 – 240 mm, 10 mm interval
This is a message for the vertical pipes
View, Add Text
Please select a valid provision
The user selected the wrong provision in the group
You should select the first provision in the group. If you are unsure, then double click on the individual provisions to see the information in them and see which one has information for the penetration unit set in the User/Object variables.
Bill of materials
No provisions found
No provision groups that have been made with the Sewatek Selection Tool were found.
Add penetration units using the Sewatek Selection Tool